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Your Legal Career Starts Here

The application process is a chance for you to show what you can offer Abbott Solicitors. But it's also an opportunity to work out if we are really the right place for you.



Associates nominating process is designed to identify and assess candidates whose track record of personal productivity, practice development, substantive expertise, cultural assimilation and leadership are overwhelming indicative of near- and long-term success as a Abbott Solicitors. 

While our partnership track is flexible, we find that it typically takes a minimum of nine years from law school graduation to demonstrate these qualities. Lawyers who join the firm laterally and have the requisite years in practice are typically not considered for admission to the partnership before practicing at Abbott Solicitors for three years.

Law Students /
Summer Interns


To be considered for one of Abbott Solicitors training places per year, you must participate in our Luton summer programme, which is designed to give you insight into the work we do, as well as provide you with opportunities to experience the unique culture of our firm. The two-week summer programme, which accepts eight people per year, is spent doing real-life work, attending development sessions and connecting with a range of Abbott Solicitors people both through work and play.

Paralegals / Staff


We offers an environment of collaboration, challenge and reward. We are committed to building a community of professionals who share our vision and embrace our values. We are all dedicated to maintaining a diverse workplace that values and celebrates differences, from the way we relate to and support each other to the way we work together to meet the needs of our clients.

Our cooperative spirit is the trademark of the Abbott Solicitors Culture and every person is instrumental to the success of the firm.

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