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At Abbott Solicitors, we make it our business to provide this clear reassurance and guidance when people come to us when they face uncertainty in business, at work or at home, the long-term interests of our clients are the chief concern. When the individuals and businesses we work for are involved in a legal dispute, we ensure that they get the expert legal guidance they need.


We act for a wide range of clients — from private individuals to business startups, multinational companies, major banks, public sector bodies, utility companies, and schools and colleges. They all benefit from our commercial approach to disputes and litigation.


Practical and budget-conscious, our solicitors know the dangers of litigation: We encourage mediation and arbitration to settle disputes so that you keep control and are not forced into unpredictable court proceedings.



Type of Cases we specialised: 


We are known for our toughness in negotiation and the depth of our resources. As a result, the work we do is extensive. It includes:


Employment - Business Reorganisation
We’ll guide your company through its reorganisation in a calm and practical way, so you can get on with the business of doing business.

Employment - Diversity & Discrimination
As an employer you need to provide the best working environment possible. Our advice will give you the strategic direction you need to achieve this.

Employment - Employment Dispute Resolution
Our clients trust us to manage sensitive employment cases where there is considerable press interest and large sums of money are at stake

Employment - The A-Z of Employment Relationships
Our team will provide you with a complete employment service – from day-to-day document preparation to specialist advice on your share scheme.

Employment - Technology
We advise on the full range of employment and discrimination law issues and offer legal solutions to a range of technology companies worldwide.

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