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We know when to build protection and when to destroy Fear fence. We encourage family bondage and we fight domestic violence. Our Family Law department adopts a sensitive and friendly approach towards clients in what are often distressing circumstances for them.

We provide advice and assistance in all family matters.


Divorce, nullity, Judicial separation and dissolution order

Children issues

Ancillary Relief Orders

Division of financial assets

Protection from abuse or domestic violence

Social services


To file for divorce, you and your husband or wife will need to:

  • Have been married for at least a year

  • Have a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK

  • Show that your relationship has ‘irretrievably’ (permanently) broken down

  • Meet specific rules about how long you have lived in the country.


You can establish irretrievable breakdown by proving one of the following five facts:

  • Adultery

  • Unreasonable Behaviour

  • Lived apart for two years

  • Deserted

  • Lived apart for five years


Issues relating to children

When you divorce or separate, you remain parents. It is important that you make a positive difference for your children, helping them to adjust to their new family environment. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues relating to children and recognise the need to deal with them sensitively.

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